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Safety Guidelines

When interacting online with strangers, keep safety top of mind. 

Questions for Hosts to ask when someone reaches out for help

  • Ask to be connected to an established social media account such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

  • Ask if they can provide a resume to verify job history (this is also helpful so you can seek out employment opportunities on their behalf before they arrive).

  • Ask if guests arriving will be vaccinated or unvaccinated at time of arrival (will they need to quarantine)

  • Ask how many people will be arriving, names and ages

  • Ask if any pets will be arriving, type and size

  • Ask if you can arrange a video-chat to see each other face to face (you may need to use Google to help you translate or reach out to the host network to find someone who can facilitate translation for you, there are many Ukrainians who have arrive and are willing to help as well)

  • Ask if guests smoke, drink, take any other medications or substances that you should be aware of

  • Video chat again! Can't emphasize this one enough!

  • NEVER send money to someone you don't know. If someone asks for money prior to arriving, simply inform them that you are unable to help until they arrive in Canada and wish them well.

Questions for Guests to ask when arranging accommodations

  • Can you share photos of the space you have available in your home? (ensure that if it is in a basement, the windows meet fire egress requirements)

  • Ask how many people live in the household, names and ages

  • Ask if any pets live in the household, type and size

  • Ask if anyone in the house smokes, drinks, takes medications or substances that you should be aware of (especially those that may need to be stored safely from children)

  • Ask if your host can provide a background or criminal record check within recent years

  • Ask your host for links to established social media accounts such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

  • NEVER send money to someone who is asking. Your host should not be asking you to pay them anything in advance, and you should work out the financial details of your stay prior to arrival (i.e. are you able to help pay for groceries? Do you need financial support above and beyond food and shelter when you arrive, for medical needs etc.?)

  • Ask your host to video chat, ask them to show you around the home. 

  • Ask about any accessibility concerns you may have, and need accommodation for once you arrive

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