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Host Ukrainians in Your Home

Learn how to find a matching family placement, and basic safety for hosts and guests.

If you have extra space in your home, consider hosting Ukrainians arriving to Calgary and area. Sharing your home provides a soft landing place for those arriving from the traumatic conditions of war and often family separation. It offers people an opportunity to get themselves on their feet, and with the guidance of locals who can share advice for how to navigate their new City.

What does hosting entail exactly?

The following host checklist is comprehensive, and does not mean that you must provide all of the supports listed. If you are able to provide food and shelter, but unable to help with the rest, there are certainly others in the host network who are willing to help so please don't let it deter you!

Host Checklist

  1. Arrange accommodation via video chat, messaging, and email. Share documentation (any background checks, photos of the space, etc.). Make sure it's the right fit for everyone and always follow our safety guidelines

  2. Pick up guest(s) from Airport

  3. Provide basic food and shelter for guest(s)

  4. Support any necessary COVID arrival or quarantine regulations

  5. Help your guest prepare a resume, and find employment

  6. Help your guest find long term housing, with transportation in mind

  7. Help your guest complete the necessary steps to obtain documentation

a) Social Insurance Number (SIN)

b) Alberta Health Care card

c) Drivers license or exam

d) Medical exam (required within 90 days of landing)

e) Set up bank account

f) Register children for school

Your guest may arrive unvaccinated, and if so, will also be required to quarantine for 14 days in your home. You should support them in completing all necessary ArriveCan steps, updates, and COVID testing requirements. Health Canada has been regularly checking listed place of residence to ensure that those isolating, are doing so correctly and as they indicated on their arrival documents. You are not required to isolate while they stay with you, and are free to continue your typical routines. Some hosts have been rapid testing on a semi-regular basis, along with guests, to ensure household health and wellness throughout the quarantine period.

Ready to Help?

Register on one of the following sites to get started

I Can Help - a simple platform that uses mapping location to connect hosts all over the world. You provide your preferred method of communication/contact. Please verify your identity when registering whenever possible.

St. Vladimir's Ukrainian Orthodox Sobor - This local church is helping to facilitate matches between displaced persons and host families in Calgary. Fill out their intake form and you will receive a call when your profile is matched.

Ukrainian Canadian Congress - This organization is building up a database of those willing to help in all kinds of ways. Fill out their form and someone may be in touch in the future.

Many are using Facebook as a method to connect with hosts. This can be a great tool, but please be careful what you post and how much information you make publicly available on general message boards. Refer to some of our safety guidelines how to protect yourself (as both host, and guest) in these situations.

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