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Find out how your financial contributions are helping the Ukrainian community. 100% goes to those in need.

Your financial support goes 100% directly to families to support critical care and settlement costs once they arrive in Calgary.

Many are not aware that displaced Ukrainians are arriving without the typical supports, and services that are available with granted Refugee status. What does this mean? It means that they very quickly need to get documentation in order, find employment, and start paying their own way immediately. This comes with financial challenges for many families, who have lost much of their livelihood and savings.

Your donations help provide necessary funding, just a few examples include:

  1. Medical exams (required by the Government of Canada within 90 days of landing) and not covered by Alberta Health Care

  2. Medical equipment, supplies and other prescription needs

  3. Childcare support, diapers, formula and other necessities for young children

  4. Transportation, such as transit passes

  5. Emergency housing upon arrival, such as temporary AirBnB or hotel costs

All donations are eligible for tax receipts. Please ensure you include your full name, mailing address, and email address by either cheque or e-transfer. If you don't require a tax receipt, please e-transfer with only the subject "Ukraine Support Program".

By E-Transfer:

By Mail: Cheques payable to Rotary Club of Calgary North Foundation

Box 65250 North Hill, Calgary Alberta, T2N 4TC

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