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Helpful Resources

For all other day to day needs, and information regarding other agencies and groups in the city, see links below. Help includes

-Host Matching

-Public Transportation

-Access to Food

-Access to Language Learning

-And more!

Help Navigating Basic Needs in Calgary? Connect with these organizations:

St. Vladimir's

St. Vladimirs Ukrainian Orthodox Sobor is offering a great number of support services for newcomers (regardless of religious denomination). They are offering host matching support as well. Please sign up on their website to help, or if you  need help. Drop by during their opening hours Weds evening, Sat, or Sunday. They have a full donation centre as well. Many of the other Immigration support agencies in the city are represented there to assist as well.

Food Bank

The Calgary Food Bank is committed to providing food hampers to those arriving who need help with food security. Follow the link to sign up to receive a food hamper for your family, it's free to you, and no one needs to go hungry.

City of Calgary

Public Transportation can be tricky to navigate. Rocketman provides great information about how and where to buy tickets, monthly passes, and includes an app which gives real time status updates and locations of transit vehicles. 

Apply to the Fair Entry Program at which entitles you to reduced rate transit, fitness centers,  tax assistance and more. 

Calgary North Rotary Club

The Rotary Club has been actively involved in settlement services, and hosting families across Calgary. They are working to unite resources, provide critical information for guests and hosts, and fundraising to support critical needs of those arriving. 

Calgary Centre for Newcomers

The Calgary Centre for Newcomers is set up, operating at St. Vladimir's church right now on Wednesday evenings, Saturdays, and Sundays (see St. Vlad's link above). The can offer many settlement services including access to language learning, discounted transit passes, career placement support, housing support, and more.

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