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Find a Job in Calgary

Step 1

Create a standout resume! Use a free template available at or any other website. 

Things to avoid:

  • Do not include your photo in your resume, try to use a generic image related to your field of work

  • Do not use long paragraphs to describe your work

  • Do not list your age or reasons for leaving employment on a resume

Things to remember:

  • Talk confidently about yourself

  • List one or two references with email address contact information

  • Check for spelling errors

  • Have someone review it for you

  • Give clear examples of the type of work and tasks that you did for each job

  • Include any certificates relevant to your work

  • Include a very brief cover letter explaining who you are, why you would be great at the job which relates back to the responsibilities listed in the job posting

Step 2

Start the search! Most job postings are available online these days, but don't let that stop you from going in person to ask about any job openings. Here are some links to a few of the most common websites:

Step 3

Accept a position!

Minimum wage in Alberta is $15/hour, and there are strict rules which govern how you should be paid based on your industry. You can learn more about your rights here. It is common to be paid every 2 weeks in most jobs, and full time jobs typically include holiday pay for statutory holidays as well as minimum 2 weeks paid vacation time. Learn more about rules and exceptions to ensure you are being treated fairly.

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