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Drivers License

Alberta has a 3-step drivers license program to obtain a license. If you are arriving without a license you need to complete all three steps before having a full license. 

Stage 1. Learner (Class 7 Licence) - This is a written/knowledge exam

Stage 2. Probationary (Class 5-GDL Licence) - This is a practical/driving exam

Stage 3. Full, non-GDL (Class 5 Licence) - This is a practical/driving exam

Documents you Need to Apply

Proof of ID (Passport)

Proof of Alberta Residency (Health Card, Rental Agreement, Bank Statement, etc)

Existing Ukrainian drivers license (if applying for transfer of license only)

Where to apply

You can apply at any registry. For the driving exams, you will need to schedule these in advance.

Already Have a Drivers License?

If you are living in Alberta permanently, you must:

  • exchange your current driver's licence for an Alberta driver’s licence within 90 days of moving to the province

    • this applies even if you travel outside Alberta during those 90 days

  • hand in your valid provincial or territorial driver’s licence to a registry agent, including professional class licences

  • provide proof that you live in Alberta

  • provide proof of residence in Canada


If you have a Class 3, 4, 5 or 6 licence you’ll be given an Alberta’s driver’s licence equal to the class of licence you are exchanging.

Study Guide
Study guides are available in multiple languages here, for you to prepare for what you will be tested on.

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