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Finding Housing

Finding a place to live in Calgary can be difficult at times. Depending if you are looking for a place to rent, or to buy, may change how this process looks for you. This information is intended for those who will be looking to rent.

Image by Tierra Mallorca

Things to Consider

  • Does the cost of rent include the price of heat, electricity and water? 

  • Do you require a damage deposit up-front?

  • Is the location accessible for public transportation if you will need it (bus routes, etc), you can check the Walk Score to see how walkable your new community will be

  • Is the rental a legal basement suite (if looking at renting a basement) - which must include minimum safety factors

Apartment Balconies
Modern Houses
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Where to Look

Beware of housing offers which do not include a formal agreement for landlord/tenants in Alberta. Never give a deposit until you have a signed agreement and you  have seen the location in person.

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