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Bank Accounts

There are many options for banking in Calgary, and at the moment there are several banks offering incentives for Ukrainians. Here are just a few that you may consider. Call the bank in advance, to see if you need an appointment to set up an account or if you can walk in to any branch.


Documents You Need to Apply

Passport with Work Permit


Offering a free chequing account with 400$ (conditions apply) and no monthly fees for a year. A Pre-approved credit card with no security deposit or credit history.

Offering a chequing account with $300 (conditions apply) no monthly fees for a year, and no annual fee credit card options.

Offering a no fee chequing account for first year, $250 per person (conditions apply), 3 free wire transfers per year for the first two years.

Offering $100 (conditions apply) and a no fee chequing account for the first year. 2 free international money transfers per month for a year and a free safe deposit box for 2 years, as well as up to $15,000 credit limit on eligible accounts with no credit history required.

Ask at your branch when you arrive for a translator who speaks your preferred language.

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